The fall of civilization in the pokemon world.

Tales from a broken Kanto.

OOC post!
Are you going to be disappearing for a few days and want to let the other players know? Or do you want to just set things up out of character, or perhaps discuss something in the game? Or other out-of-character things I forgot to list.

If so, this is the post to do it in.

And now, what you've all been waiting for. The grand opening post!
Vermilion city, at this point in its history, is an enormous paradox of a city. It has the most active port in Kanto and its prosperity is unrivaled in this post-nuclear age, yet in a way it looks more like Baghdad or Mogadishu than pre-war Vermilion. The suburbs have been abandoned and are being slowly converted into farmland (or no-man's-land, depending on who's running it) having been designed for a higher population level than the city currently possesses. Even within the city, many abandoned residences can be found, and many more are still little more than rubble. The city's main thoroughfare has become a dividing line, each side of the road fortified, but the road itself used as neutral territory in an uneasy truce.

The northern half of the city contains a Pokemart and the Pokemon Center. The Pokemart has had trouble resupplying – its wares were lost first to nukes, then to looters, and it currently sits in the fiefdom of a landlocked warlord. Prices are high and selection resembles the version in RBY, not GSC. The construction site where Machoke had long pounded has become the site of a tower modeled after the towers of Ecruteak. It serves as a temple of Kanto's gods: the legendary birds and Mew, and also as the capitol of the local warlord, a flying specialist by the name of Earnweald who has waged a long war against Surge, which a few months ago settled into a stalemate and then a truce. Maybe he didn't realize that flying-types are weak to electricity and that he picked the wrong fight, or maybe he had concluded that with proper strategy, a Gliscor, and a diverse army it doesn't matter. He held his own, but perhaps would have done better against a different foe.

The Pokemon Fan Club, although north of the main road, is an armed compound with practical independence. It is defended by guns, not pokemon, and pokemon contests are still held there, but only ones of the "Cute" category.

The southern half is the richer part of the city. It is effectively controlled by Lt. Surge, who despite his origins in a dependency of Isshu on the North American continent has established himself as the best claimant to the heirdom of the ruined Pokemon League. (He's been in Kanto for decades, but no one wants to be the Lightning American in a time like this.) Erika does not agree, but is in no position to oppose him, and most of the gym leaders walled up in gyms converted into besieged compounds have given tentative support. It contains the gym – largely a military base now, still filled with specialists in electric-type pokemon, because that's what Surge knows – along with an enormous port. With the pokemart elsewhere, exotic goods can be found at the harbor, but the merchants demand high prices for braving pirate-infested waters: Surge's Lanturn navy defends the port and little else.

Speaking of Mew, that truck is still parked in the harbor. None thus far have found a way to move it, it survived a nuclear explosion intact and judging by Mewtwo's recent rampages Mew isn't under it. But what is?

Rumors abound of a pokemon grove to the north, rich in rare pokemon and gold, protected by a lone breeder in his late teens. Most bandits don't believe it – the gold is completely unsubstantiated, there's a bit more evidence of rare pokemon, but there's also the issue that most of them appear to be sick – why else would the protector be a breeder? And then there's the fact that most don't want to pay the high “tolls” demanded by the various road barons, which of course are used more often to enrich the locals and the barons than to actually maintain the roads. Still, a small group has struck out to the north in search of it, though only time will tell what if anything they will find.

Oh, and for the past three days there's been a thunderstorm with clouds so thick it blots out the atmospheric dust which usually covers the sky. Earnweald is standing atop his tower, confident Zapdos will spare him. Surge is atop his gym and says the electric storm is a sign of his own power, but he's wearing a cloak and gloves made of Jolteon hide, complete with Volt Absorb. Each of them has a grand speech to give, and crowds are gathered on both sides of the city.

EDIT: As an aside, because this is a play-by-post game with a lot of people, time is not strictly linear. Just because one person's character has experienced major event X doesn't mean it's happened to the rest of you. It doesn't mean it *hasn't*, though, so feel free to jump into conversations and interact with people even if you haven't played through everything before it.

If it's in the main post it's happened to everyone, but for stuff I say in replies (like the big speeches) the rest of you can still react even if one person's already heard it and played out a little after it happened. You just can't interact with a player character in a way which would change their already described actions.

Second edit: As a general note, if you start up conversations with an NPC or go into battle or whatnot I'll post, while if you don't I'll wait a while to see if any PCs jump in before doing a "what happens" type thing. Or at least that's what I'm going for, though I think I've jumped the gun at least once.

Applications are open! Apply in this thread.

I'm using the term “applications” loosely, because that's what all the other livejournal RPs call theirs. In reality, although I reserve the right to reject people (typically for savage disregard for the english language) I don't intend to actually do so. Still, submitting character profiles for the mod to look over/make sure you're doing things right is a Good Idea.

Canon characters from any part of the franchise are allowed. Giovanni and the Elite Four are dead and Professor Oak and Lt. Surge too strong, however, so they can not be played.




Faction alignment: The major ones are Team Rocket (which is, well, Team Rocket) the Pokemon League (which is widely hated, being blamed for the nuclear war, but still has a claim to be the legitimate government) and the Church of Arceus, a religious group which sees the war and natural disasters as punishment from the legendary pokemon. I use the term “alignment” as none of these are cohesive forces, stronger as ideas than as anything unified, and prone to fighting among themselves. The Saffron Communist Party is smaller than these three, but far more centralized: if you join them, expect to serve the party or be labeled a traitor. In addition to communism it preaches an all-out war against the legendary pokemon.

There are also a few minor, local forces without much reach, such as the Pewter Museum. And of course, many people have no alignment at all.

Appearance: Hair/eye color, hairstyle, height, weight, clothing, any distinguishing marks, or anything else of importance.

Location: Anywhere in Kanto – I'm not going to restrict players to a single city. That said, if you want to be somewhere with a bunch of people and not that spread out, I'm giving official modly encouragement to Vermilion.

Occupation: Your current one. Can be... pretty much anything. If you wanna be a gym leader or a warlord (not that there's much difference these days) go for it.

Pokemon roster: Individual pokemon are capped at level 40, your total team is capped at 160. You can personally have as many pokemon as you want provided they fall into these caps. List their one egg move, their one HM/TM/tutor move, their names, their level, and anything unusual about them; keep in mind we're in a post-nuclear wasteland, so cool mutations are allowed.

EDIT: And their abilities. So sorry I forgot that. (If you've applied already and your pokemon has multiple to choose from, and you're reading this post and you didn't list them, reply to your own app listing 'em.) Dream World abilities are acceptable.

Any pokemon found in Kanto in the games, or evolves from one, is considered native to Kanto. You can have pokemon from abroad, but explain how you have them - they are not indigenous to the area. Maybe you've immigrated to Kanto at some point in your life and took your pokemon with you, for instance.

History: What has your life been like up to this point? Family, friends, how the war impacted you, who you started with, anything else you want in your background.

Personality: I won't hold you to this, but it's general to have a good idea going in of what your character is like.

Other: Anything about your character which doesn't fall into these categories. Optional.

Writing sample: At least 100 words of your character in this setting. Won't reject anyone, but I want to have a good look first of what you're doing and maybe offer advice.

So you want to be a pokemon master... Reference/battle thread.
Reference: So you want to play, but you don't actually know pokemon inside out. Maybe you haven't kept up with the franchise after the first 150 and someone sends out something called a Rhyperior. Or maybe it's a move you don't know, or you need help figuring out what your pokemon can do (that's okay, I have that problem too.) Or anything else you need reference on – not to the canon of this RP, but to pokemon itself.

Bulbapedia is your answer. The mod uses it, so you know it's good. (I suppose Serebii is also useful, but I find the wiki format better than game guides for the purpose of RP reference.)

Battles: Do you remember in the games and anime, when you patiently send out your pokemon, your opponent does the same, and you take turns using one of four attacks?

...well, don't.

Battles in this game will primarily be 4v4, unless part of a war, in which case they will be far more massive. Trainers are targets, and often the best way to win is to take out the guy commanding the pokemon – it's like how they used to shoot officers in wars. (Consequently, defend yourself, and have your pokemon do so as well.) Your pokemon can use any attack it naturally knows, plus one egg move and one TM/HM move which you list in your application. (You can apply for an exemption if your pokemon has a terrible natural moveset. If I agree that it has one, I'll let you use more.)

Winning? Losing? Yeah, type advantages help. Level helps too – this isn't a dice game, but your level 1 pokemon won't take down a level 40 unless it's a Rattata.

But what you should really go for are inventive, cool strategies. Stuff like “Aim for the horn” in the anime, or... pretty much anything in pokemon special, which has ideas like “use Pikachu and Poliwrath to create a thundercloud, then use Venusaur's vines to collect the lightning and electrocute your opponent directly.”

Player vs. Player: There are no effective laws. People are struggling to survive. Characters will have personal antagonisms, as well. What does this mean?

Players will probably fight each other. Occasionally, I am sure, the players themselves will agree on a winner. But I anticipate that not many people want their characters to lose.

Post in this thread if a PvP match is going on and you need a referee. Referees can be players, but should not be ones with a personal stake in the match - if either players objects to the selection, they'll have to get a new ref. I'll do as many as I can, myself, and this will be one of the general modly duties if this RP gets big or complex enough that it has to have a mod team and not just a mod. Referees should generally post after both players have given orders, stating how well each player's techniques worked and what the battle looks like now, and not just a “who won” at the end of the match.

Feedback thread.
Questions/complaints/etc. Don't have a lengthy post explaining what these are, because it'll just turn into a long list which still fails to be comprehensive but if there's anything at all which needs clarification or any criticism you want to give or anything else, please don't be shy.

After all, I will make mistakes. If no one points them out I will keep making them and that doesn't help anyone.

Also, if you want to give feedback privately, my AIM is birdboy018 and my e-mail . These are probably the best ways to contact me.

Geography and map.
Cut because maps are bigCollapse )

See this? This is a map of what Kanto used to look like. It's a bit out of date. We've made the changes we could, but no one's really able to perform a cartographic survey these days.

On a purely physical scale, we've found a few major changes. Cycling Road was destroyed, though you can still see chunks of it sticking out of the water. The Indigo Plateau is now the Indigo Sea. And Cinnabar Island, unlike the one you encountered in the games, actually does look like it does on this map – it's just a volcano now, no people live there or anything.

What is going on these days, then? Though we haven't produced a map, here at the Pewter Museum we have contacts throughout Kanto, so we've been able to get a decent handle on what's going on in the major cities: monitoring all the shifting little fiefdoms, on the other hand, is pretty much impossible.

(That said, if your character is playing as ruler of one of those shifting little fiefdoms, send me a message and I'll PM you a map of your general region.)

Pallet Town is an oasis in the desert of apocalypse, a small hamlet which functions more or less as it did before the nuclear war. This is typically ascribed to the leadership of Professor Oak, an eccentric, half-mad researcher who sends children out into the world with Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur as though the war never even happened... and who has one of the most powerful pokemon collections in the world. Some say he could bring order to Kanto again and get the survivors back on their feet, but he just doesn't care enough.

Viridian City didn't get nuked, because Team Rocket's American branch knows how to place a bribe. It did, however, get besieged soon after, and its sack at the hands of Rocket victims was arguably worse than a nuclear bomb. Most of its buildings are leveled and the city as a whole is divided between various individuals who claim to be the rightful successors of Team Rocket's legacy.

Pewter City is under the benevolent rule of the Pewter Museum, which is in no way a front for the mad museum head who sees this as his opportunity to reverse the various mass extinctions in pokemon history and bring back the age of Kabutops, Omastar, Aerodactyl, and others.

Cerulean City is a republic out of the finest traditions of Renaissance Italy, with power vacilitating between noble and merchant houses and peasants every election, war, or coup d'etat. It's more or less unified, except for the family compounds – wars happen quickly there. Most recently it was controlled by a bicycle gang hired by the bike shop owner, one of the richest men in the town.

Lavender Town is a theocracy under the leadership of the Temple of Arceus, one of the larger post-apocalyptic religious sects – there are many similarly named ones (Church of Arceus, Shrine of Arceus, etc.) which dot the landscape in various small villages. The leader lives a humble lifestyle and both humans and ghost pokemon follow him with fanatical zeal – indeed, he is seen as a leader of the faith by an increasing number of acolytes around Kanto.

Saffron City is a communist dictatorship formed when the workers rose up against the President of Silph Corporation. Whatever your opinions of communism, this particular communist state is a brutal dictatorship. They wage fanatical wars to export a revolution while working the people as hard and for as little pay as Silph worked them, offering only the promise of a better tomorrow. They have attracted many people outside of Saffron with nice talk of a better future and a war against the gods.

Saffron is frequently at war with Celadon City, and Route 16 (which connects the two) is believed to be the only one in all Kanto not dotted with fiefdoms and brigands, because the two largest cities find it too important an invasion route. This is because Celadon City is something of a company town, dominated by a consortium of local businesses led by the Celadon Department Store. Erika, uniquely among the Gym Leaders, is actually a popular figure in the city and rules its walled southeastern quarter. She is seen as leader of the opposition and was once leader of the Pokemon League's remnants, but has since relinquished this title to Lt. Surge.

Vermilion City is a bustling port which has seen an economic boom from the renewed importance of sea communications: it has regained half of its prewar population. The southern half of the city is ruled by Lt. Surge, while the northern half is ruled by a warlord named Earnwald who specializes in flying pokemon. One of the more interesting organizations within is the Pokemon Fan Club, a group which keeps pokemon as pets, enters them into contests, and defends its compound not with pokemon, but with guns.

I frankly do not know what is going on in Fuchsia City, for it is on the other side of Kanto, and they say whoever rules it has adopted a policy of isolationism and does not even want information to get out. They will, however, trade, and great wealth can be found if you are prepared to make the journey... and have something of value to offer.

Thank you for visiting the Pewter Museum. I hope you found our information to be of use.

Five years ago, Kanto was a powerful nation ruled from the Indigo Plateau with influence which spanned all around the world. Some said it was the strongest empire in human history, but it had one great rival, the nation of Isshu across the sea. Kanto believed in tradition, order, and the quasi-monarchial oligarchy of the Elite Four, while Isshu was a land of liberty which was criticized as free from compassion for the less fortunate. In reality, the differences between the two were overblown, they had far more in common than not, and the struggle between them had more to do with power than principle.

But then a crisis over the region of Orre heated up. Neither would give in, and it was resolved not by diplomacy, but by global thermonuclear war. The Elite Four were wiped out. Team Rocket exploited anger at the Elite Four who started the war and fought the non-Rocket Gym Leaders, who had claimed control as the successors to the pokemon league.

After Giovanni's death in battle from Erika's arrow, the Rockets lost their cohesiveness as an organization. Many Rocket cells continue to control areas of the pokemon world, but as warlords, not a unit, and other Rockets have returned to organized crime. The Gym Leaders have barricaded themselves in their gyms in ruined cities, hated by the people who once enthusiastically challenged them for badges. People blame them less than they once did now, because it's become increasingly likely that the Elite 4 and not the local leaders were truly to blame. Some brave trainers challenge them to old-style battles, others barge in and try to kill them and take their gyms. So far, all of them save for Giovanni have survived.

Today, Kanto is in ruins. Its cities are devastated where not annihilated. Radiation has caused existing pokemon to mutate into strange and terrifying new forms, such as Zubat with eyes and Machamp with an extra pair of arms. Even the legendaries have not been immune: Mew, the original Mew, has turned into a pokemon bearing a strange resemblance to the Mewtwo of Team Rocket's experiments. Three of every four people and pokemon have died already from the blasts, and the survivors face nuclear winter, famine, and a collapse of global trade.

And then there are the natural disasters. Blizzards and hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Thunderstorms which last for days, storms which seem that Zapdos itself is aiming the lightning to kill as many people as possible. And although people can't travel easily, for the roads are divided into the domains of warlords and the skies too thick with soot for the sort of flying which once ferried trainers across the cities, the wrath of the gods knows no bounds: there have been earthquakes and tsunamis and even temporal warps in Kanto.

In response to this chaos, religious groups have sprung up which preach of Arceus' wrath and the need to calm the legendaries. Most are led by charlatans and their devotion serves only to give money and power to their leaders. A few are led by dangerous fanatics. The only one who has done anything to calm the legends was the great hero in Sinnoh who walked into Stark Mountain as it erupted and captured Heatran; his bravery has inspired many copycats, all of whom have died fighting.

It is an age littered with warlords and priest-soldiers and company towns and peasant republics, where every city fancies itself a free nation. It is an anarchy where power is there for those who seek to claim it. The Warring States' Era has begun anew.

You are a survivor. You have made it through the first five years of the worst era in human history. Maybe you were a skilled trainer even in the old days, or maybe your pokemon have grown strong and evolved from the struggle to survive. Or maybe they haven't, and you're just a kid starting on your journey with a level five Bulbasaur, trying to keep the dream of the old days alive.

Food and drinkable water are precious resources, and not everyone gets enough – but you're probably a good enough trainer not to worry about that. Pokemon Centers are strategic locations, and most people either wait for their pokemon to heal or pay traveling healers. (In coins only, mind you. Paper money is worthless now, but luckily pyen were still made out of precious metals.) Pokemon battles are 4-on-4 or 100-on-100, not 1-on-1 or 2-on-2, and trainers are a valid target. When you lose, expect your money to go with it – maybe you'll even be kidnapped.

With a few rumored exceptions, people don't battle for fun anymore: Pokemon are too important for that.

It's one hell of a time to be a pokemon trainer.

The all-important RULES THREAD
The world is in post-apocalyptic anarchy, but this doesn't mean the comm is. To keep things going effectively, we do need SOME rules, so here they are:

Be respectful: I don't want this becoming a dramafest. If your character is a villainous jerk that's just roleplaying, but I don't want it to cross the line into flaming each other.

Keep IC and OOC knowledge separate: Just because *you* have bulbapedia on hand and read everyone's posts doesn't mean your character is omniscient. I don't expect them to go around forgetting weaknesses/resistances, but keep their knowledge within reason.

No god-moding: You control your character and pokemon. If you're a warlord you can expect your troops to obey orders (provided you share your plunder and don't give them cause to mutiny). NPCs will react to your actions and you can play that out a little as long as it's realistic (especially if it's random bystanders and not a Gym Leader) but controlling other players is off-limits.

No sex: Violence is fine in this setting - it goes with the territory - but this is not a sexual RP. If two players want characters to fall in love, I won't mind, but if they want them to screw it belongs somewhere other than this comm.

Death: Don't kill PCs. Yes it's realistic, but would you want your PC killed off? Similarly, Pokemon belonging to trainers can be wounded, but no killing them unless it's cleared with the player. That said, NPCs can be murdered, players left injured with nothing but their clothes and badly wounded pokemon. Actions will however have realistic in-game consequences.

Proper English: Don't misspell words - yeah, typos creep in, but if you spell you as u then find an RP on Gaia or something. Use decent grammar. Don't write posts LiKe ThIs or in 1337.

Activity: I honestly don't really like activity checks. If you are going to go on hiatus tell me and let me know if you want to turn into an NPC or fade into the background until you pick it back up again, if you don't post in over a month and I notice I'll send you a message about it. No one's getting killed off for not posting enough, but you shouldn't expect to remain lord of a large area if you never post.

These rules are incomplete: The mod is new to GMing. If something comes up and is a problem but technically legal, I'll make a mod post about it and edit the rules. I'm trying to keep this a fun game for everyone, and feel free to let me know if there's anything more I can do to that end.


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