Flying pokemon master (birdboy2000) wrote in pokepocalypse,
Flying pokemon master

Feedback thread.

Questions/complaints/etc. Don't have a lengthy post explaining what these are, because it'll just turn into a long list which still fails to be comprehensive but if there's anything at all which needs clarification or any criticism you want to give or anything else, please don't be shy.

After all, I will make mistakes. If no one points them out I will keep making them and that doesn't help anyone.

Also, if you want to give feedback privately, my AIM is birdboy018 and my e-mail . These are probably the best ways to contact me.
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First, I just want to say that I really love everything that you've put into this game so far and I'm really excited to start playing. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be the one pain in the ass that has a million questions, and I'm sorry about that ><

1) Is is possible for the characters to enter and possibly reside in the woods and forests that outline the various routes? I don't mean the Viridian Forest, but rather the forests that you see on the detailed map (such as the cluster that you see in between Saffron, Vermilion, and Lavender) and the trees that you see in the game that you can't cut through. I would imagine that thieves and rogues would make use of that.

2) When you were initially tossing out ideas in the post that you made on the Pokemon community, you mentioned that the players might be limited to only 4 Pokemon. Does that still hold true or is it now just the level cap that the players need to be concerned with now?

3) This is actually more of a personal question than anything for my character, rather than one that pertains to the general game. I'm working on a Pokemon Breeder that goes to great lengths to defend their small homestead-turned-Pokemon habitat from being attacked and ransacked from every which direction. Would it be OK for that character to have Pokemon residing there that aren't a part of that character's team or wouldn't even necessarily be their Pokemon? Basically, the character cares for and attempts to raise those Pokemon until they're self sufficient and can be released into the wild.

Hmmm...I think that's all for now. I'm sure that I'll have more questions later >< And thank you in advance!
It's my own fault for being unclear. Don't worry about asking questions - half the time it just gives me stuff to clarify for everyone and edit the main posts to add.

1. Yes, absolutely. Farms, small towns, and a lot of forests are in those areas. But keep in mind that if you want to *get* to the cities, it won't always be easy.
2. No pokemon limits anymore. If you want seven low-level ones on your belt that's okay too.
3. Sure. There's a framework for whole pokemon armies in this, so having nearby wild pokemon which you're on good terms with is acceptable. You can't take them wandering with you, but having them follow your lead in defending your homestead is okay.
Are there problems with using Pokemon from other regions? I'm assuming that Isshu Pokemon aren't available, but what about Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh?
Yes but explain it in your application. Only Kanto pokemon and a few Johto/Sinnoh ones (e.g. Tangrowth, Hoothoot) are found natively in Kanto, but even Isshu pokemon can be owned if your want to describe how you got it. (Then again, Isshu pokemon will be... viewed with extreme suspicion.)
Awesome, thanks. Another question: what about utility HM moves? Is it safe to assume our characters can ride on a Lapras that doesn't know Surf, for example, or that a Scyther could cut down a tree?
Yeah, if it's safe to assume for the pokemon in question, which is more of a judgment call than "can it learn this HM move". No surfing on Squirtle.

Also, note that long-distance flight/navigation is difficult because the air is thick with soot and smoke.
Is there any specific way you plan the travelling medics you mentioned earlier to work, and would it clash with said way if I tried to play a Pokésurgeon?
(If it DOES clash terribly I'll make up something else, of course.)
I'm assuming they only rarely have a healing machine carried around by a (six armed) Machamp here, obviously. And that they don't practice just by stocking up on revives and hyper potions before leaving town, although I'm not ruling out the idea that at least some are herbalists and make their own medicines.

Also, do medics usually work on both Pokémon and humans? There'd obviously be a MUCH greater need for human medicine than in the regular Pokéverse (and a good chance they do work on both because of that), but I'd rather make sure BEFORE my character tries fixing anyone else's up.
The medics aren't really a regular industry per se, just ex-pokemon center workers and the like who know a thing or two about healing and have learned a lot more by experience. Some might specialize in certain pokemon, some might just know general remedies.

The main difference is that they don't have the same professional obligation to administer it to everyone free of charge. They'll charge for it, and they may even refuse outright if you're infamous enough, but they do it with medicine and not potions.

(Potions still exist. You typically still buy them from pokemarts. They're just a lot more expensive than they used to be)

The centers, on the other hand, heal for free and indiscriminately - even if you're an evil bastard using your pokemon to terrify the weak.

I haven't thought it out in much detail beyond that, so I don't see it clashing - besides, your character acting like X doesn't mean NPC medics necessarily will. And yes, they will work on humans as well, for the reasons you explained.
Is it alright if I give my pokemon abilities that aren't necessarily based off moves? ie. Haunter uses omg!magical ghostly aura to heal wounded pokemon, or something along those lines.

Also, what role do abilities play here? How do pokemon gain experience/levels within the roleplay?
Just some things I was going to add (and promptly hit post instead xP)

- those abilities might take the slot of the TM/HM move, so it evens things out a little bit?
- the second time I say abilities, I mean like we see in the games :)
Magical ghostly auras probably wouldn't be in. I see healing teammates as being through the move wish, which Haunter don't IIRC get.

If it's the kind of thing in one of the canons (game/pokedex, special, or anime) or implied by the physical appearance of the pokemon, sure, but otherwise you'll have to ask for permission and justify it pretty well to me before using it.

Abilities depends on what they are. (And I totally forgot to list them in the app form. x.x) Keen eye might make navigating through smog or a sandstorm easier, levitate means it goes around levitating, but something like torrent would really do... not much at all outside of battle.)

Experience/levels I honestly haven't designed a system for yet. I suppose I'll go with one level per battle won against a pokemon or team of equal strength, more if you win an upset, and fractional gains if you lose or get an easy victory.
Alright, makes sense. Thanks :)
I apologize if I'm being annoying now, but... I really like this idea (and I'm too stubborn for my own good, really)... and I have a justification?

It's not so much a "magical ghostly aura" as.. you could say it's a little like putting some of his own energy into the wound (via his hands), not so much for an instant heal as to push the pokemon's own healing forward, maybe stem or stop bleeding and other nastiness, and to help it against infection and what other dangers are lurking around. It's definitely not something that can be done during battle, more like recuperating after the fact.

Am I grasping at straws here?
Hmm. Come to think of it. Haunter *do* get Pain Split. Make that your TM move (tutor, yeah, but same thing) and I'll let you help heal teammates with it at the cost of a bit of your own Haunter's health.
I was wondering what your views were on profanity? I'm curious to know because if I was in this type of setting I know I'd be using strong language. I don't mean that I'd be dropping the f-bomb every other word, but it would be in use frequently.
So, profane language, allowed, used with discretion, or banned?
Another inquiry, I was wondering how telecommunication looked at this time. Is there internet, phones, or tv? Or are things still too chaotic for such things?
The internet IRL was actually designed to survive a nuclear attack, so it's fine... for the most part. The main issue is the electrical grid, which isn't always working, and (when looking on outside news) figuring out who the legitimate sources of information are. TV is local access, state-run stuff, typically, but they fund it well all things considered. Phones pretty much aren't used anymore, having taken the brunt of the damage.
What is the policy for Mary Sue style characters going to be? For example, if a player starts making their character the embodiment of perfection, or begins godmoding, are we going to have to grin and bear it?
Well... Mary Sues are so tricky to define - heck, Red and Yellow are said to be canon sues by some. If someone sets off my sue-dar I'll request they play with more flaws or whatnot, but I'm not one to catch them easily. x.x

If there's godmoding I step in with an OOC post to fix things. Remind the player that they *are* godmoding and retcon the post a bit to take out the godmoded part. If I miss it, call it to my attention.
Hey, I thought of something. Should there be an OOC post/thread? It might be helpful for the purpose of character plotting and getting people to RP together. It also might be good for player announcements as well (such as if someone might not be able to RP for a while and so on).
That's a good idea. I'll write one up right now.