Flying pokemon master (birdboy2000) wrote in pokepocalypse,
Flying pokemon master

The all-important RULES THREAD

The world is in post-apocalyptic anarchy, but this doesn't mean the comm is. To keep things going effectively, we do need SOME rules, so here they are:

Be respectful: I don't want this becoming a dramafest. If your character is a villainous jerk that's just roleplaying, but I don't want it to cross the line into flaming each other.

Keep IC and OOC knowledge separate: Just because *you* have bulbapedia on hand and read everyone's posts doesn't mean your character is omniscient. I don't expect them to go around forgetting weaknesses/resistances, but keep their knowledge within reason.

No god-moding: You control your character and pokemon. If you're a warlord you can expect your troops to obey orders (provided you share your plunder and don't give them cause to mutiny). NPCs will react to your actions and you can play that out a little as long as it's realistic (especially if it's random bystanders and not a Gym Leader) but controlling other players is off-limits.

No sex: Violence is fine in this setting - it goes with the territory - but this is not a sexual RP. If two players want characters to fall in love, I won't mind, but if they want them to screw it belongs somewhere other than this comm.

Death: Don't kill PCs. Yes it's realistic, but would you want your PC killed off? Similarly, Pokemon belonging to trainers can be wounded, but no killing them unless it's cleared with the player. That said, NPCs can be murdered, players left injured with nothing but their clothes and badly wounded pokemon. Actions will however have realistic in-game consequences.

Proper English: Don't misspell words - yeah, typos creep in, but if you spell you as u then find an RP on Gaia or something. Use decent grammar. Don't write posts LiKe ThIs or in 1337.

Activity: I honestly don't really like activity checks. If you are going to go on hiatus tell me and let me know if you want to turn into an NPC or fade into the background until you pick it back up again, if you don't post in over a month and I notice I'll send you a message about it. No one's getting killed off for not posting enough, but you shouldn't expect to remain lord of a large area if you never post.

These rules are incomplete: The mod is new to GMing. If something comes up and is a problem but technically legal, I'll make a mod post about it and edit the rules. I'm trying to keep this a fun game for everyone, and feel free to let me know if there's anything more I can do to that end.
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