The fall of civilization in the pokemon world.

Tales from a broken Kanto.

Feedback thread.
birdboy2000 wrote in pokepocalypse
Questions/complaints/etc. Don't have a lengthy post explaining what these are, because it'll just turn into a long list which still fails to be comprehensive but if there's anything at all which needs clarification or any criticism you want to give or anything else, please don't be shy.

After all, I will make mistakes. If no one points them out I will keep making them and that doesn't help anyone.

Also, if you want to give feedback privately, my AIM is birdboy018 and my e-mail . These are probably the best ways to contact me.

So you want to be a pokemon master... Reference/battle thread.
birdboy2000 wrote in pokepocalypse
Reference: So you want to play, but you don't actually know pokemon inside out. Maybe you haven't kept up with the franchise after the first 150 and someone sends out something called a Rhyperior. Or maybe it's a move you don't know, or you need help figuring out what your pokemon can do (that's okay, I have that problem too.) Or anything else you need reference on – not to the canon of this RP, but to pokemon itself.

Bulbapedia is your answer. The mod uses it, so you know it's good. (I suppose Serebii is also useful, but I find the wiki format better than game guides for the purpose of RP reference.)

Battles: Do you remember in the games and anime, when you patiently send out your pokemon, your opponent does the same, and you take turns using one of four attacks?

...well, don't.

Battles in this game will primarily be 4v4, unless part of a war, in which case they will be far more massive. Trainers are targets, and often the best way to win is to take out the guy commanding the pokemon – it's like how they used to shoot officers in wars. (Consequently, defend yourself, and have your pokemon do so as well.) Your pokemon can use any attack it naturally knows, plus one egg move and one TM/HM move which you list in your application. (You can apply for an exemption if your pokemon has a terrible natural moveset. If I agree that it has one, I'll let you use more.)

Winning? Losing? Yeah, type advantages help. Level helps too – this isn't a dice game, but your level 1 pokemon won't take down a level 40 unless it's a Rattata.

But what you should really go for are inventive, cool strategies. Stuff like “Aim for the horn” in the anime, or... pretty much anything in pokemon special, which has ideas like “use Pikachu and Poliwrath to create a thundercloud, then use Venusaur's vines to collect the lightning and electrocute your opponent directly.”

Player vs. Player: There are no effective laws. People are struggling to survive. Characters will have personal antagonisms, as well. What does this mean?

Players will probably fight each other. Occasionally, I am sure, the players themselves will agree on a winner. But I anticipate that not many people want their characters to lose.

Post in this thread if a PvP match is going on and you need a referee. Referees can be players, but should not be ones with a personal stake in the match - if either players objects to the selection, they'll have to get a new ref. I'll do as many as I can, myself, and this will be one of the general modly duties if this RP gets big or complex enough that it has to have a mod team and not just a mod. Referees should generally post after both players have given orders, stating how well each player's techniques worked and what the battle looks like now, and not just a “who won” at the end of the match.

birdboy2000 wrote in pokepocalypse
Applications are open! Apply in this thread.

I'm using the term “applications” loosely, because that's what all the other livejournal RPs call theirs. In reality, although I reserve the right to reject people (typically for savage disregard for the english language) I don't intend to actually do so. Still, submitting character profiles for the mod to look over/make sure you're doing things right is a Good Idea.

Canon characters from any part of the franchise are allowed. Giovanni and the Elite Four are dead and Professor Oak and Lt. Surge too strong, however, so they can not be played.




Faction alignment: The major ones are Team Rocket (which is, well, Team Rocket) the Pokemon League (which is widely hated, being blamed for the nuclear war, but still has a claim to be the legitimate government) and the Church of Arceus, a religious group which sees the war and natural disasters as punishment from the legendary pokemon. I use the term “alignment” as none of these are cohesive forces, stronger as ideas than as anything unified, and prone to fighting among themselves. The Saffron Communist Party is smaller than these three, but far more centralized: if you join them, expect to serve the party or be labeled a traitor. In addition to communism it preaches an all-out war against the legendary pokemon.

There are also a few minor, local forces without much reach, such as the Pewter Museum. And of course, many people have no alignment at all.

Appearance: Hair/eye color, hairstyle, height, weight, clothing, any distinguishing marks, or anything else of importance.

Location: Anywhere in Kanto – I'm not going to restrict players to a single city. That said, if you want to be somewhere with a bunch of people and not that spread out, I'm giving official modly encouragement to Vermilion.

Occupation: Your current one. Can be... pretty much anything. If you wanna be a gym leader or a warlord (not that there's much difference these days) go for it.

Pokemon roster: Individual pokemon are capped at level 40, your total team is capped at 160. You can personally have as many pokemon as you want provided they fall into these caps. List their one egg move, their one HM/TM/tutor move, their names, their level, and anything unusual about them; keep in mind we're in a post-nuclear wasteland, so cool mutations are allowed.

EDIT: And their abilities. So sorry I forgot that. (If you've applied already and your pokemon has multiple to choose from, and you're reading this post and you didn't list them, reply to your own app listing 'em.) Dream World abilities are acceptable.

Any pokemon found in Kanto in the games, or evolves from one, is considered native to Kanto. You can have pokemon from abroad, but explain how you have them - they are not indigenous to the area. Maybe you've immigrated to Kanto at some point in your life and took your pokemon with you, for instance.

History: What has your life been like up to this point? Family, friends, how the war impacted you, who you started with, anything else you want in your background.

Personality: I won't hold you to this, but it's general to have a good idea going in of what your character is like.

Other: Anything about your character which doesn't fall into these categories. Optional.

Writing sample: At least 100 words of your character in this setting. Won't reject anyone, but I want to have a good look first of what you're doing and maybe offer advice.


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